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Bilge Alarm Panel, controls Water, Smoke and Gas sensors. ... "No more surprises"

Water Alarm:Bilge Panel Scheme

Electronic bilge water level control panel. The bilge pump automatically switches on as soon as the water level reaches the sensor and the alarm is activated if the level continues to rise.

Operating modes:

The panel has three positions, two for work, Auto and
Manual for the bilge pump and another for shutdown of the entire panel

1 - In Automatic mode the bilge pump will
automatically connect as soon as the sensor detects water during 20 continuous seconds, to discard false alarms, and will disconnect after 30 seconds without detecting water. These times are adjustable.

As soon as water is detected, the "WATER" led will change to Blue and if this situation persists, after 20 seconds the bilge pump will automatically connect. We can check that the pump is working by means of the AUTO led that will have changed to Red . This will return to green as soon as the pump stops.

Flood alarm Red Water Alarm
In case the water level rises even though the pump is
working, the acoustic alarm will be activated and the WATER LED will change to
Red . This acoustic alarm has an auxiliary output to activate any other external warning system such as horn, deck lights, SMS message to one or more phones. mobiles, etc.

2 - In manual mode the bilge pump works constantly
regardless of the water level.
The Manual mode LED would be in Red and the Auto LED would also indicate that the pump is working.

Gas and Smoke
Alarms When gas and smoke alarms are connected the pilots will be green and
if any of the sensors detect gas or smoke, they will change to Red and the acoustic alarm will be triggered.

The acoustic alarm can be silenced manually, although it will reactivate if another alarm is activated later.

Alarm Test
Each alarm has its own test.
When pressing the test, the alarm will sound and the pilot will turn Red, this will indicate
that the audible alarm for this alarm works and the sensor is connected


Dimensions: 125 x 77 mm
Feeding: Versiones 12 and 24v
Pump Outlet: Max 15A with automatic reset fuse
Output External alarm: 1A
Consumption: 0.6W
Sensor Water inlet 1 (can link several parallel)
Water level sensor without mechanisms, made of epoxy.

Sensor input smoke: 1 (can link several parallel)
Sensor gas inlet: 1 (can link several parallel
Sensor supply by the panel itself or directly.
Sensitivity adjustment for environments with high condensation level.
Setting time start-up
Delay Stop delay time setting
Panel made of stainless steel.

The basic kit includes:

1 Bilge Alarm Panel
1 Water and flood sensor with 6 m. of cable.

The complete kit includes:

1 Bilge Alarm Panel
1 Water and flood sensor with 6 m. of cable
1 Smoke Sensor with 6m cable
1 Gas Sensor with 6 m. of cable

 Operating instructions. Pdf

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